Our Team

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Joshua Mauro, Owner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Practitioner of Stretching

Joshua graduated massage therapy school from Manatee Technical Institute in Lakewood Ranch, Fl. He has been a licensed massage therapist since March of 2013. He became a certified personal trainer in October of 2014. Also, a certified practitioner of stretching in December of 2014. September of 2013, he received the opportunity to work with a chiropractor, Dr. Colleen Ford. During that time, Dr. Ford  helped him practice and learn more therapeutic massage techniques. April 2014, he opened his practice and established Reformavi Massage Therapy. November 2015, he moved his practice to Vibology Studio.

Joshua has always had a passion for fitness and exercise. Growing up he enjoyed learning how to play many different sports, body building, and weight lifting. Discovering balance, control and body awareness, he realized that strength is not everything. Stability and flexibility are also as important. He enjoys an active lifestyle balancing on a Slackline, practicing acro yoga, mountain biking, indoor rock climbing, Crossfit, kayaking, beach volleyball, surfing, and wake boarding. He is also exploring the therapeutics of stretching, acro yoga, and aerial yoga.



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