Breath Release Sessions

Energetic / Emotional Releases

In the process of doing deep tissue bodywork and restructuring, there will be a softening of the character armor that has blocked the emotions that each and every client has. This often leads to a release of the trapped emotional energy that has been blocked from expression by the chronically tightened character armor. All emotions that have not been expressed and released from the body are in essence trapped energy and vibrational in quality. Unreleased and trapped emotional energy in the body is a negative to the overall well being of the individual. Most diseases have a somatic relationship that includes not only a way of thinking, but also a way of feeling and expressing, and trapped emotional energy. The chronically tightened muscles called character armor tend to build up the somatic emotional component to disease and/or pain, and consequently the healing process must include its release to be complete.

Character armor develops from early childhood with the negative messages about emotional expression, and it accumulates and hardens over time. As the client ages, the accumulation of character armor, structural distortion, and negative mental thoughts start to produce the physical problems that people show up with in our offices. The combination of character armor, emotional energy, and negative thoughts can be palpable in the body. A term used to describe this is negative mental mass.


Breath . release therapy was introduced into the modern western medical culture by Wilhelm Reich and initially referred to as Vegotherapy. What Reich realized was that the character armor blocked energy flow, and that healthy individuals (both emotionally and physically) had minimal blockage of energy. Reich would charge his clients by breathing, and then observe where their bodies would vibrate and be soft, and where they would be rigid and resisting. He would then challenge physically the resisting rigid tissues until the client expressed – usually loudly. This therapy became known as the “pinch and squeeze” therapy in some circles. Reich was years ahead of his time, and even today, many therapist have difficulty grasping what he was communicating. Alexander Lowen, Stanley Keleman, and Periokous were the three disciples of Reich who took Vegotherapy into Bioenergetics and Neo-Reichian therapy using Reich’s principles of the movement of energy.(Leonard Ore, Rebirthing)

Seven Blocks

There are 7 principle blocks to energy release in the body, as defined by Wilhelm Reich. They are:

  • Eyes – denial, fear, sadness, tears, anger
  • Jaw – “grin and bear it”, “bite your head off”, “fear response”
  • Throat – swallow down. swallow back, hold back expression
  • Chest / Heart – breathing, broken heart
  • Diaphragm – power, break between top/bottom half of body, all emotions
  • Lower abdominal – power, sex, love – fear of love, fear of sex, sadness, loss
  • Inner legs / Genitals – survival, shame for sensations
  • Buttocks – holding fear, rage