C1 Soft Tissue Release


Release and free C1/occiput relationship. Any neck distortion pattern condition will have a restriction around the C1/occiput area. This can be due to whiplash, cervical sprain/strain, degenerative disc, herniated disc, stress, or other structural distortion pattern. When this area is “frozen”, clients will have difficulty focusing and thinking clearly which can be evidenced by a glaze or ‘not all here’ look in their eyes. If this are is jammed, it is almost certain that the client has, or has had, a headache which can often be confused with a migraine. This jammed condition will also limit the rotation of the head to either side as this is the principal rotation relationship of the head on the neck.

Upon releasing this area with the C1 release, you will note an immediate change in the range of motion and the ability of the client’s eyes to focus. For most clients, this means they can also think more clearly. Except for full-blown migraines, clients will experience immediate relief, and symptoms usually abate completely within a short time.