Muscle Facts

A “knot” in a muscle means that the fibers have become shortened and closer together. This is very unhealthy for those cells and can cause discomfort.

  • Blood vessels in the local area become restricted
  • Delivery of nutrients and oxygen become limited
  • Metabolic waste starts to build-up in the cells

Healthy muscles have more space between the cells. Blood can flow freely to the individual cells to exchange oxygen, nutrients, and waste more effectively. Think of your muscles as a guitar string. Tight muscles will have lots of stress and tension. Massage therapy can break the tension and loosen those muscles!

Fascia is a connective tissue that acts as a saran wrap in the body. Fascia wraps around every muscle cell binding cells together to form a fiber. Fascia then wraps muscle fibers together to form a muscle. Then fascia wraps muscles together and allows them to work together. Dehydration or trauma can cause adhesions in the fascia by not allowing the muscles to slide past one another.

  • Restricted range of motion
  • Compensation patterns
  • Reduced blood circulation
  • Muscular tension

This can cause pain in areas that seem completely unrelated. Fascia has a thixotropic quality. Meaning without movement it can become thickened, contract, and become less pliable. Massage therapy can loosen and smooth out myofascial adhesions, in order to help regain range of motion! Also, happy healthy muscles are hydrated!