New Years Specials!

Therapeutic Bodywork Promo $85/ 90 Minutes

  • Includes a free posture assessment. This massage will focus on remolding the myofascial connective tissue, restoring the muscles normal resting length, and transforming the body to function at its full capability. This is great for relieving high tension headaches or migraines, tingling and numbness down arms, sciatic pain, and much more!.

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Active Isolated Stretches and Strengthening Promo $85/ 90 Minutes

  • This is very effective for increasing flexibility and increasing range of motion in the joints. This is based on reciprocal inhibition. Which means, in order for the body to allow a muscle to completely relax, you must flex the antagonistic muscle. For example, to fully lengthen the triceps, you must flex the biceps. The stretches are held for 2 seconds, pushed with one pound of pressure, to lengthen the muscle 1.6 times past its normal length.

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Remold Package $225

  • 3/1 hour sessions of Therapeutic Bodywork

Restore Package $375

  • 3/1 hour sessions of Therapeutic Bodywork
  • 2/1 hour sessions of Active Isolated Stretches

Service Industry Day!

Monday and Wednesday Only!

  • Swedish Massage only $45 an hour!
  • Deep Tissue Massage only $55 an hour!
  • Therapeutic Bodywork only $65 an hour!
  • Active Isolated Stretches only $65 an hour!

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Senior Day!

Monday and Wednesday Only!

  • Therapeutic Massage only $45 an hour!

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