Patsy Gasaway

In early September 2018 I started going to a pain management orthopedist… an MRI that showed a couple of my cervical discs were resting on the nerve that ran down my arms. Also I had severe stenosis in a couple of discs, more than one bulging disc and cervical scoliosis. After waiting three weeks I got a cortisone shot in my arm… I finally stopped going because I wasn’t seeing any improvements and still had so much pain.

In the middle of September I got an email from Josh notifying his past and current clients of the new S.E.T. training he had taken. It sounded like just what I needed so I signed up for September 24… He began working on one area of my body at a session and untwisting me. I felt immediate relief in my hips. Finally once my neck muscles started relaxing the discs lifted off my nerve. First my arms stopped burning and then later stopped hurting. I feel that I’m 90% better but continue the S.E.T. sessions at extended intervals to work on improving the scoliosis.

The first week of January I resumed my spin classes and working out at the fitness center. If it hadn’t been for Josh I wouldn’t have the improvements I’ve had and the pain relief. This protocol also saved me from having surgery that may not have had such a great outcome.

(Patsy G., Lakewood Ranch, Fl.)

Teena Addison

I have been a client of Josh for over 5 years. He has helped me through a number of concerns from sciatica to migraine relief. At that time he only offered therapeutic massage along with some other techniques that were not ones for my issues. He then completed his certification for SET this summer and mentioned to me that he thought it may help with my scoliosis, migraines, sciatica and everything else that went along with continuing back and neck pain. I have had 3 treatments to date and at first I didn’t notice a change as I was informed that I have had core distortion pretty much my entire life, so to see results may take time. Fast forward to session 3; after leaving the treatment I had a renewed energy that I was sure I would ever have again. The constant pain in my back and neck has been gone for days. I am optimistic that I am on the right path to be pain free and feel healthier in the future. Thank you Josh for helping me through this frustrating journey that now feels like it may be coming to an end and continue on your path of making a better life for others.

Teena A. Lakewood Ranch, Fl.

Bruce Labadie

In my early twenties, I had trauma to my lower back. I went to a chiropractor who took x-rays that showed I had a bulging disc. After many treatments the bulging disc subsided, but I was still left with intermittent pain each day. On one occasion, I had a serious lower back episode which landed me in the hospital. The attending doctor had me get an MRI. It showed I had a cracked L5 vertebrae.

Since then, till just before coming to Reformavi, I would have lower back spasms just getting out of bed in the morning. I was given a recommendation to go see, massage therapist, Josh Mauro. I was told it’s not your typical massage therapy, but life altering therapy. I came to Reformavi and I went through five sessions with Josh by the second and third session I felt an overall sense of well-being, the pain was less frequent, by the fourth and fifth session, I literally had no more lower back pain or muscle spasms.

My skeletal frame is more aligned now. Josh also taught me to be much more conscious about my posture.Now months later, I’m still feeling whole and lower back pain is no longer my focus each day. Joshua, I’m extremely grateful, I can’t thank you enough!

(Bruce L., Bradenton, FL)